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Mi Tierra

Mexican Restaurant

About us

At the age of 17, Jesus finished his high school studies and chose not to continue his education so that he could work and help his parents financially.

In his youth, Jesus performed different jobs in hotels, taco stands and restaurants, and acquired skills which he could not imagine would someday change his life.

Through hard work and savings, Jesus made his first investment in 2001: he purchased a ticket to immigrate to the USA. With just a few dollars in his pocket and without understanding the English language, Jesus came to Portland, Oregon. His first job was as an assistant cook at a Mexican restaurant owned by his uncle. For a year, Jesus worked full days with the sole purpose of saving money to help his family in Mexico.

In 2002, Jesus decided to move to the State of Nebraska, where he worked as a chef at a Mexican restaurant for over 10 years. He received a new job offer from one of his employers, offering the position of manager for one of its new restaurants in Lincoln.

After several years of hard work, Jesus decided to make a second investment with his savings, and in partnership with his cousin and uncle, opened a new Mexican restaurant created with their own ideas and decor. Above all, the most valuable Mi Tierra Mexican cuisine recipes came from their grandmothers, mother, and ancestors who give great value to every dish.

In February 2018, Mi Tierra Family Restaurant in Lincoln, Nebraska officially opened to the public. Currently, the Guitron family is considering opening another Mi Tierra restaurant.

Jesus Guitron's objective in the near future is to create a foundation to help people in need with food, clothing, etc.